Kitchen Backsplashes & Flooring

Looking to update your kitchen with new flooring and a beautiful matching backsplash?

Kitchen backsplashes are both functional and a key decorative focal point for your home. They protect the wall from spills and splatters while also adding a beautiful visual appeal to the space. 

There are many different kitchen backsplash designs to choose from, and the right one for your kitchen will depend on your style preferences.  When selecting a kitchen backsplash design, consider the overall style of your kitchen and choose a design that complement your cabinets, countertops, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

Here are some popular tile flooring and backsplashes to consider:

Porcelain Tile – Ceramic Tile - Natural Stone - Subway Tile – Mosaic Tile 
Herringbone Tile – Moroccan Or Mediterranean Tile – Glass Tile – Terracotta Tile

Tile is a great choice for kitchen backsplashes and flooring because it is durable, moisture-resistant including water spills, and stains can easily be wiped away. Tile is incredibly trendy and attractive allowing you to customize your kitchen for a unique style.

To see all of our tile choices, check out our Room Visualizer Tool. It is super easy to use, fast and efficient with tile styles and designs from all the major brands you know and trust! 

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